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Be a Breastfeeding Machine: How to Boost Milk Supply

How can I increase my milk supply?  This has to be the most asked question among breastfeeding moms. (Well, maybe second to “How can I ever again look at my boobs the same way after seeing them sucked through the “cones of shame” when I pump?”)

You are probably producing enough breast milk.

The best way to tell if you are producing enough breast milk is if your baby is thriving.  This is really hard to believe when you bust out the electric breastfeeding pump and see that the bottle is not very full.  One of the many beautiful aspects of breastfeeding, though, is that your body is completely in tune with your baby’s.  Your baby’s feeding patterns tell your body exactly how much milk to make.  Your baby will go through growth spurts and you will produce more milk.

Breastfeed your baby more regularly.

One way to get your body to produce more breast milk is to nurse your baby more often.  In only a few days, your body will get the message that your baby needs more and will adjust by producing more milk.  When you are feeding your baby, try to get him/her to nurse for longer.  This can be a real challenge when your baby falls asleep.  Stripping your baby down to the diaper and getting skin to skin while breastfeeding will help because the more skin to skin contact you get the more your body will be in tune with your baby’s body.

Offer both breasts at each breastfeeding session.

Whether your baby is falling asleep on the first boob or whether your baby just prefers one of your ta-tas, ensure that he/she is getting both sides at each feeding.  Emptying one breast is great for giving your baby the nutritious hindmilk at the end of a feeding, but switching before he/she is full can reawaken your baby’s appetite.  This also serves to empty both breasts, giving your body a signal that it needs to produce more.

Make sure that mom is taken care of too.

It’s so easy to forget about yourself when you have a new baby, but you can’t give away what you don’t have.  Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and remember that your body needs to be nourished just as much as your baby’s body does.  Eat intentionally and listen to your body.

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With an electric pump breastfeeding can get a jump start.

Using an electric breastfeeding pump can stimulate milk production (as well as create a stockpile so you can take a night out!)

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Try a homeopathic solution.

Here are some great homeopathic remedies to boost your milk supply:

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