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Mind Your Own Boobies! Public Feeding

If you are struggling with your comfort level with breastfeeding in public, you aren’t alone.  Many of us have been there and have been the target of the “shame game” from both camps.

Strangers may get all up in your business!

I was nursing my firstborn at a the food court of a shopping mall, clinging to this hideous floral cover thing that my aunt bought me.  In one single nursing session, I was approached by one woman who quite literally pulled my flowery nipple-hider off of me saying that I have nothing to be ashamed of and several passersby who made scoffing noises and shot me looks of disgust.  I was bewildered by all of this. “Why in the hell does everyone have an opinion when it comes to my boobs!?  Whose boobs are these?!”  (Honestly, my boobies had never received such strong opinions, so this was new territory.)  Meanwhile, I’m fumbling under my drape, squirting my poor son in the eye as he’s wailing.  A nipple ninja, I assure you, I was not. I started getting that weird lip sweat thing and tried to act confident in spite of the fact that my breast pad had escaped and found its way to the floor.  I felt the dreaded mom guilt for caring so much about what these people think while my baby was screaming.  It was a disaster.

As loud as these strangers’ opinions felt, none were as loud as my son’s.  He just wanted to be fed and was quite vocal about that.  He would have gladly accepted that feeding whether I was covered or not and his was the opinion that really mattered.  I realized that unless I was going to become a recluse, I needed to find my own comfort level with how that baby got fed when we were outside of the privacy of my home.  

Disclaimer: The options that I am going to share with you are not for the extreme opinions on either side.  Hats off to the magnificent mamas of milk who freely feed your babies with wild abandon.  I applaud you (and am in awe of your fierceness).  Those who think that public breastfeeding of any kind is a horrible act of immorality don’t need my advice…obviously.  For the rest of us, I’ve listed several options below that don’t involve feeding your child where most people seem to suggest: in the restroom (you know, that place where people poop).  

My Favorite Breastfeeding Product: The Boba Baby!

It carries your baby close to your chest while giving you privacy from onlookers.

No More Ugly Flowery Covers

Udders Nursing Cover (Comes in 7 color options)

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Scarf (Comes in 7 colors)

Bay’s Infinity Nursing Scarf (Adorable!)

Need more options?  There are so many more fashionable nursing covers.  Click here to check them out.

There’s an App for That

Moms Pump Here has an app (available on iTunes and Google Play) that locates nursing locations for you.  This GPS-enabled app finds you a nursing room and lets you leave reviews.  This is an excellent option for moms who are more comfortable in a more private setting.

They Are Your Boobs!

I’m not suggesting that you should cover or go into a nursing room.  Your breasts are none of my business.  I’ve never met them (though I’m sure they are spectacular!)  My only opinion is that how and where to breastfeed your baby should be guided by your comfort level, not the comfort level of anyone else around you (and especially not strangers!)

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