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Breast Pumping on the Go Checklist

As I mentioned in my article, “Mind Your Own Boobies- Public Breastfeeding”, you’re going to have to venture outside of your home unless the reclusive lifestyle is for you.  The key to success for taking your pumping show on the road is planning ahead.  Whether you have a single electric breast pump, a double electric breast pump, or a battery operated breast pump, make sure that you have all of the parts.

First things first: get a good bag for breast pumps and organize it well using the checklist below.

Download the Nursing Room Locator App by Moms Pump Here (found on iTunes and Google Play).  This GPS-enabled app searches to find you a private place to pump or breastfeed your baby.

Checklist for On-the-Go Breast Pumping:

-Large ziplog bags to keep the clean supplies separate from the dirties.
-A cooler to transport the milk in.
breast pump and accessory wipes (way easier than washing them)
-batteries if you have a battery-powered breast pump
car adapter if you have a standard electric breast pump that is compatible (See the section at the end of this article for a list.)
hands-free breast pumping bra (A must-have.  Am I right, mamas?)

Best Nursing Tops for Pumping on the Go:

Some Standard Electric Breast Pumps Compatible with Car Chargers:

Happy pumping, moms!  To stay in the know about breast pump supplies and breastfeeding articles:

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