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Medela Pump in Style vs. Medela Freestyle Breast Pumps

Medela Freestyle and Medela Pump in Style Double Breast Pump Comparisons

         Medela FreestyleMedela Pump in Style Advanced
(On the go Tote)
best double electric breast pump reviews medela advanced double breast pump
 Daily use, double electric, portable breast pump. Daily use, double electric, mobile, rechargeable breast pump
 2 Phase Expression Technology 2 Phase Expression Technology
 Fully-adjustable vacuum and speed settings Fully-adjustable vacuum and speed settings
 Carry bag includedCarry bag included
 Removable cooler and ice pack Removable cooler and ice pack
 4 Breast milk containers 4 Breast milk containers 
Includes a rechargeable lithium ion batteryBattery pack uses 8 AA batteries (not included)
Digital display
Hands-free kit
Priced at about $280.00Priced at about $195.00

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Differences Between the Medela Pump in Style Original (Advanced) and the Medela Freestyle Double Breast Pump Explained

Both the Freestyle and the Pump in Style are excellent double electric breast pumps.  For the roughly $100.00 more that you pay for the Freestyle, you get a rechargeable battery rather than having to use batteries, though both breast pumps are compatible with a car adapter (sold separately).

The Freestyle also has the digital screen with a backlit display including a pumping timer that allows you to conveniently track your pumping sessions and memory button so you can easily return to your favorite pumping pattern.
freestyle display


The Freestyle also claims to be hands-free, but many of the moms that have used it have reported that the hands-free capability is unreliable.  If the hands-free feature is your deciding factor, you may want to look into buying a hands-free pumping bra.

I think that for the difference in price and similarity of features,  the Medela Pump-In-Style Advanced wins on this one.

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