where to buy a breast pump where to buy breast pump

Where to Buy a Breast Pump

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Where to buy breast pump…

You have several options when buying a breastpump.  Your plate is full, so I did the homework for you.  After all, that’s what breast friends are for!

For more information on choosing a breast pump, check out my article on the Top 5 Double Electric Breast Pumps.

I also have a New Baby Breastfeeding Checklist to guide a first time nursing mommy on her quest to be ready when the baby arrives.

My number one pick for where to buy breast pump products…

The Amazon Breast Pump Best Sellers Store is hands down the best place to go to buy a breast pump.  Unlike a store front, there are endless manufacturers to choose from.  If you have an Amazon Prime account, you may be eligible for a significant discount and you don’t pay for shipping.  They also have replacement parts for many breast pump models.  With the Amazon store, you can also read reviews from customers to see what moms like you have experienced.  Price and features is a part of the picture, but you really want to know what went down after customers started pumping away.

Here are some breast pumps that I have researched thoroughly and are standouts right now due to features, prices, and valuable feedback from breastfeeding mommies.

Featured Double Electric Breast Pump:

Featured Single Electric Breast Pump:

Featured Manual Breast Pump:

Featured Hospital Grade Breast Pump:

Buying a breast pump from a store or boutique…

While this will require more legwork, you can also find good deals at physical stores.  My best advice to you on this one is to read reviews before you make the purchase.  Relying on the retail sales associate to know your needs and how that product delivers is ill-advised.  They know what they have been told to say, but until their boob has been interacted with the product, I’m not sold on their opinion.  They also only know about the products that they carry, so they are unable to tell you how a particular breast pump stacks up against one that they don’t offer.

Good luck on your breast pump shopping adventure!  To stay in the know about breast pump supplies and breastfeeding articles:

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