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Cheap Electric Breast Pumps

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You Can Find a Breast Pump Cheap

True story.  Don’t just go by price, though.  I have researched the products, reviews, features, and quality.  Let the money that you have go as far as it can.  If you buy the cheapest electric pump thinking that you are getting the best deal, you’re in for buyer’s remorse.  I am a teacher and a single mom.  Needless to say, I get needing to gravitate toward inexpensive.  This is why I have done the work for you.  You’re welcome, sister.

There are really two options: spending more on a top of the line manual pump or finding an inexpensive electric pump.  Both have their pros and cons.

Affordable Breast Pumps (Manual)

I chose these manual pumps because manual breastpumps are less expensive and if you are going that route, you can have the highest quality manual.  Manual breast pumps are great for a mom who is not away from her baby regularly and for long periods of time.  These are the best manual breastpumps.

Price range from $25.00-40.00

Cheap Electric Breast Pumps

Here is where I have to be really responsible and not just give you the cheapest because having researched these, I know that those are not going to last.  However, I have found some reliable cheap electric breast pumps that will last.

Price Range  from $50.00 to $80.00:

You’re doing something wonderful, you know?  It’s harder to live on a budget.  It’s harder to breastfeed.  You’re impressive.

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