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Supporting Your Breastfeeding Partner

Use of Breast Pump 101

She has milk in her chesticles and it needs to come out.  Pronto.  Sure, you’ll never see her the same again, but it’s time to get your hands dirty…or should I say “milky”.

How you can help:
  • Get to know the breast pump.  Familiarize yourself with the directions so that if there are any problems, you can solve them.
  • Assemble the pump for her.  She’s trying to be supermom and doesn’t want to ask for help.
  • Give your woman some privacy.  Seeing your blouse bunnies getting sucked up into tubes makes us feel self-conscious.  She wants you to still see her as sexy.
  • Offer to take the baby every time she pumps her flesh melons.

Breast Milk Extractor- The Perks

You’re living the dream.  You get a large, beautiful, shapely pair of breasts to look at and play with.  Your buddies are jealous and you get to brag to them about your hot wife’s titties.  And let’s be honest, behind the bedroom doors when she arches her back it’s hot as hell, even if some milk comes out.

The thing you should know is that she is oblivious to this.  She is being sucked on throughout the day (and night) and her breasts have become part of a routine and less of an intrigue.  Where they used to gain attention, they now have a rigid schedule, an entourage of supplies, and at least one constantly screaming fan who seemingly can’t get enough.

I’m breaking girl code here, but here’s the secret.  She feels afraid.  She thinks that she can’t possibly live up to what you want in bed anymore.  Before the baby, her fantasies did not include squirting milk into a man’s face.  Your sex life before baby didn’t include that.  Now she can’t guarantee that won’t happen.  She has come to the conclusion that as loving as you are, her breasts are not sexy to you anymore because of her choice to breastfeed.

But as you know, that conclusion is BS.  You can help her by reassuring her that spraying milk during orgasm is not only okay, but is pretty hot.  You can help her the most by replacing the image that she has of herself with how you actually see her: as the same sexy woman with rockin’ boobs that still turn you on.

Not Just a Breast Milk Machine

She’s spewing out milk by the gallons, but she’s not just a breast milk machine.  You don’t see her like that, but she does and thinks you do. What did you do before the baby came?  Romance is still important.  Planning a date with her will tell her what she really needs to know- that you still find her attractive and desirable.

Buy her some nursing tops that will make her feel cute.

This one is super sexy.

Get her a good breast pump, and you win superhero status (top picks are below.):

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