Spectra double breast pump

Spectra S2 Baby Breast Pump

Spectra 2 Double Electric Breast Pump

Features: Super quiet, Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body, Closed system – hygienic for you and baby, Night light and timer, Everything you need for double pumping, Powerful, adjustable suction yet so comfortable you won’t realize how powerful it is

List Price:$122.00 USD
New From:$115.00 USD In Stock

Spectra Breastpump Review 

This double electric breast pump is described as both a cheap electric breast pump and a hospital grade breast pump.  Does it live up to the claims?

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Cheap Electric Breast Pump?

With the price in the $120.00 range, this is certainly cheap for a double electric breast pump.  A factor to consider is that the replacement parts are more expensive than the ones for the Medela breast pumps.

 Hospital-grade Breast Pump?

It’s tough to quantify something that isn’t defined.  What does it take to qualify as a “hospital grade breast pump”?  That being said, this is certainly a powerful, efficient pump.  It does live up to its name where pumping capacity is concerned.
The only clarification that is important here is where I have seen the Spectra Breast Pump described as comparable to the Medela Symphony.  The Symphony is so far outside of the price range of most new moms, but is geared toward special circumstances (babies in the NICU, exclusive pumping, multiples, etc.)- hence the price tag in the ballpark of $2,000.
 The features and quality of the Symphony justify the cost in those circumstances.  If you are expecting the same from the Spectra S2, I’m afraid you will be disappointed.

Conclusion: the Spectra S2 is the best double electric breast pump in its price range.

There is a reason that the Spectra S2 is the number one best selling double electric breast pump.  The cost is attractive, the pump is reliable, the features are impressive, and replacement parts are available.  All in all, a great breast pump.

What are your thoughts?