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Breastfeeding Supplies for New Moms

Basic Breastfeeding Supplies

You registered for the breastfeeding supplies that your “breasties” insisted that you needed to have.  As well-meaning as your fellow milky mamas are, their breastfeeding recommendations may not be for you.  Breastfeeding for new moms is a unique experience.  These are the bare bones must-haves before your newborn latches on:

The basics: (hover mouse over image for details)
Breast pads
Daytime nursing bras
Nighttime nursing bras
Nursing tops
Nipple cream
Baby wrap carrier
Nursing cover

Eco-Friendly Breastfeeding Recommendations

Crunchy moms, unite!  I have taken the “basic breastfeeding supplies” list from above and gave it an eco-friendly twist.  Breastfeeding for new moms…crunchy style: (hover mouse over image for details)

Eco-friendly breast pads
Organic daytime nursing bras
Organic Nighttime nursing bras
Eco-friendly nursing pillow
Organic Nursing tops
Homeopathic nipple cream 
Organic Baby wrap carrier
Organic Nursing cover

The Complete Checklist

My article New Baby Breast Pump Checklist takes the bare bones basics and expands it to include the best products to start your breastfeeding journey (AKA: Add it to your registry and let them pay for it.)

Breastfeeding for New Moms: From Breastfeeding Supplies to Breastfeeding Success

Books (not unlike labor stories from perfect strangers) abound in your world.  These books give you breastfeeding recommendations that take you beyond “What to Expect” to “What the hell do I do?”

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