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Breastfeeding Made Simple | Blissful Breastfeeding for Beginners


screaming womanInformation Overload

Your first parenting decision has been made.  You have chosen to breastfeed your baby.

Now you click away at links to gather information.  You have never fed a human from your boob before.  You discover a new vocabulary with seemingly unkind words like “latch”, “engorgement”, “let-down”, and “sling”.



“What in the hell is a nipple shield?  

Nobody told me that my nips were going into a battle that would require armor!”


breastfeeding newbornBreastfeeding for Beginners

The inundation of breastfeeding information can drive your ta-tas to throw themselves into oncoming traffic.  Beginning your nursing adventure with just the breastfeeding basics is the better path to breastfeeding bliss.  Your baby knows what to do.

The journey begins after delivery.

The outlook for breastfeeding success is most impacted by nursing sessions from birth to two hours postpartum.

Your little newborn does not expect you to be a pro at this.  Your baby’s instinct to root and suckle will take over.  Couple that instinct with your knowing what a good latch is.  That is undoubtedly where breastfeeding for beginners starts.



First Step: Read the article below.

Simply put, it is all that you need to know how to do to start breastfeeding your baby.

Article : How to Breastfeed a Newborn Baby With a Good Latch

breastfeeding for beginners

Breastfeeding Made Simple

Once you and your baby have figured out how to get a good latch, you are ready for the next bit o’ breastfeeding advice:

  • Intentionally relax.

Your body has a difficult time initiating the let-down reflex in a tension state.  

Sore nipples and a process unfamiliar to you can make you tense up.  Focus on relaxing your shoulders and breathing naturally.

  • Stay tuned into your baby.  You will get to know your baby’s cries and patterns.  

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  • Nurture the nips.  Improper latching (“shallow latch”) will cause a nip nightmare.  Even when latching properly, nipples can get sore due to being sucked on constantly.  Keep them patted dry, change breast pads often, and invest in nipple care products that will soothe the soreness.

Breastfeeding Advice When Issues Arisefriend hands

Rather than researching possible scenarios that could go wrong…

Have a list of resources available that can direct you when you need breastfeeding advice.

  • Supportive moms with breastfeeding experience can give you advice and talk you off of a ledge.
  • Breastfeeding Helpline– Call 877-4-LA-LECHE for help.  This service is free and open during regular business hours.  If you call after hours, messages are returned promptly.

Breastfeeding Supplies:breastfeeding for new moms, breastfeeding recommendations, breastfeeding supplies

Must-Haves for New Moms

Hover the mouse over each link to view my top product choice (or click the link).

  • A breast pump for your needs:

High-quality double electric breast pump (essential if you will return to work)

Reliable, less expensive electric breast pump (for regular use)

Manual breast pump (for mom’s comfort when engorged and for occasional bottles)

Daytime nursing bras

Nursing sleep bras

Nursing tank tops (not a must, but you will thank me if you get one)

  • Wardrobe for nursing:

Nursing tops (at least 4)

Nursing sleepwear (at least 3)

  • Breast pads: (I recommend buying both types to find your preference)

Disposable nursing pads

Reusable cloth nursing pads

  • Breast/nipple care: (You will need all of these.)

Nipple cream

Hydrogel breast pads for sore nipple relief

Hot/cold packs specifically for breasts (cold for soothing, hot for stimulating lactation)

  • Nursing pillows: (at least one Boppy and one body pillow)

Boppy for nursing from a seated position

Boppy covers (you will need at least two)

Nursing body pillow for nursing while laying down

  • Babywearing (carrying baby close): (at least 1)  

Babywearing wrap

Babywearing sling

  • Sleeping Safely: (one of these, not both)

Co-sleeper for baby inside your bed

“Side car” style bassinet (attaches to bed)

  • (Optional) Privacy for public nursing: (if you are uncomfortable, one of these may help)

Nursing wrap

Nursing scarf

Nursing cover

  • (Optional) Making life easier…

Breastmilk removal soap

Nursing wipes

Babywearing shirt


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The Most Valuable Breastfeeding Advice

Trust yourself and your instincts.  You will learn more than you ever thought that you could.  Relax, enjoy this time, and nurture your bond.  Having read about how to get your baby to latch and having prepared your home for baby’s arrival, you are well on your way to breastfeeding bliss.

For continued support from your “Breast Friend”

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