milking a cow

How to Gain Confidence About Your Breast Milk Supply


milking a cow

Am I Making Enough Breast Milk?

The good news is that chances are great that your milk supply is more than adequate.

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That does not give many moms solace, though.  They want to measure; they want to be sure that they are giving their babies what they need.


The MilkSense Breast Milk Monitor

MilkSense is the world’s first breastfeeding monitor that measures how much breast milk mom produces and how much milk baby consumes.

Many women worry about whether their babies are getting enough breast milk, and many of them stop nursing because of that.

The MilkSense Monitor has no contact with your baby, and does not interfere with natural breastfeeding. MilkSense helps sustain breastfeeding efforts by increasing your confidence regarding milk production and consumption, increasing efficiency of your time and tracking feedings so there is no need for additional apps or diaries.


milksense breast milk supply-monitor-compressor (1)MilkSense Video: Monitor Breast Milk Production

Watch this YouTube video about how to take a breast milk measurement using the MilkSense monitor.

Measurements take just 10-seconds Measure the amount of milk available for baby in each breast prior to feeding Measure how much milk baby feeds from each breast Reduce anxiety related to breast milk quantity No contact with baby 100 percent safe for baby, breast milk, and mom eliminates the need for other breastfeeding logs, lists and apps.


  • time since last feeding;
  • amount baby fed;
  • side of last feeding

Portable for working moms and moms on-the-go. Fast, simple, and convenient-to-use.

Does This Boost Breast Milk Supply?

I really think that it does…in the women that are reading this.  As I stated in the beginning of this article, your breast milk supply is probably more than adequate.  However, many women are concerned to the point of stress about this.  Stress inhibits milk production and the let-down response.  It is my conclusion that if monitoring your breast milk output alleviates that stress, it is worth every time.


I would love to join you on your breastfeeding  journey.

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