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Mastitis- The bitch has got to go!

Humming along your breastfeeding journey, you meet her.  You’ve heard of her and have been warned.  Now you feel her presence in your life.  She’s evil.  She must go.  Now.



“I felt like I was going to die.  Fever…pain…my tit the color of a tomato.  And trying to breastfeed through it felt like lava was  shooting out of my nipple.”


Symptoms of Mastitisbreastfeeding issues, breastfeeding with fever, breastfeeding and flu

  • Fever of 101 or higher
  • Generally feeling shitty
  • Swelling and pain in the breast
  • Breast/breasts: red and hot to the touch


What causes mastitis?

  • Blocked milk duct (usually when your nursing bra is too tight)
  • Bacteria

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How can I prevent mastitis?

  • During feedings, allow your milk to fully drain.  Use a breast pump to do this if your baby isn’t emptying your breasts.
  • Wear a properly fitting nursing bra.  Bras that are too tight can constrict ducts.
  • Change feeding positions each time that you nurse your baby.
  • Keeping your breasts clean with sanitary breast products.
  • Make sure that your baby is latching properly when breastfeeding.

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cure mastitisHow can I cure my mastitis?

Below this section, you will see three absolute heroes when it comes to healing mastitis.

Mastitis sometimes requires  an antibiotic, but not always.  Whether you are at that point or not, the products below will get you through this while you wage war with the bitch of mastitis.  Use them all.  You will thank me.


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